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Various forms are mentioned through out our site.  In an effort to consolidate all of our forms in one place, we are providing a listing of our forms available here in PDF format.

  • Adoption form - LAPS wants to ensure that its residents never again have to worry about being homeless so the organization has a very simple form that it asks potential adopters to complete and sign. This form has some questions concerning the adopter's residence (own, rent, etc.) as well as some basic questions about animal care and needs among others.
  • Sponsor a Kitty form - Do you love companion pets but reside in a situation where it may be impossible to either adopt one or wel-come another animal into your home? Would you enjoy being able to help a homeless animal with funding that would assure your “friend” of all the care and comforts possible, without the responsibility of having it in your home? You may like to consider the “Sponsor Program” at LAPS.
  • Volunteer form - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!!!  PDF file of the Volunteer Application. You can print it out, fill it in, and mail it to LAPS. If you have any questions about volunteering, please email us at volunteers@lapsshelter.org
  • Membership form - Join LAPS!  This form opens in a separate window and will print with a click of a button.
  • Online Newsletter Request Form - Check this form out to stop receiving paper newsletters and start being notified when newsletters are posted online.

Coping with the Loss of a Pet

Losing a beloved pet is a traumatic experience with many emotional ups and downs. Please visit these sites for comfort and sharing:


No-kill shelters have a tough time surviving. They need to connect with one another to form a network of homeless pet information and support. We hope you will find the links listed below worth a look:

LAPS is aware that our website visitors usually are not always looking for a new cat or kitten to adopt; many people are interested in animal rescue centers for not only cats and kittens, but also wildlife, large cats, and other types of rescue centers.  This page provides a growing list of websites that offer animal rescue center information and services in Central Pennsylvania and surroundings areas.  If you know of a website you think might belong on this page, please forward the URL to our webmaster at admin@lapsshelter.org

Here is the current list of links. Each link will open in a new window or tab:

  • ASPCA Blog - an article about disaster preparedness specifically targeting hurricane Irene, but due to area flooding, etc can be used as a good reference in preparing your pets for a disaster.
  • Guide To Pet Disaster Preparedness for Renters and Homeowners - a link to extensive information on pet care during periods of disaster, and more. Thanks to the students from Ms. Radke' s class at Craft Central School for providing this link.
  • T&D's Cats of the World - T&D's Cats of the World is one of the only and possibly the largest exotic wildlife rescue organization in Pennsylvania. T&D's is privately owned and is located in Penns Creek, PA (near Lewisburg, PA).
  • Skye's Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center - Skye Spirit accepts Birds of Prey, Small Mammals, White Tail Deer Fawns, Waterfowl, Songbirds and Native Reptiles, and is located in Venango County, Pennsylvania.
  • Cinderooz.com - Cinderooz.com features an innovative product, the Cuddle ‘n Carry shirt which is a garment you wear that has a patent pending pouch inside to carry your pet (dog, cat, ferret, etc.) weighing 10 lbs and under.